Stoically yours


If nothing else, Tabitha Merrin has always considered herself two things: mentally focused and emotionally guarded. Never before this year of her psychology internship have the two been more relevant. She just wants to keep her head down and finish the program but the two new guys in her life are making it difficult.

Mark Thomas, a handsome and intuitive musician, is trying to woo her but so is her clinical professor, who’s attractive and brilliant but not exactly available. Regardless, they both make her consider doing things she never thought she would.

For the first time in a long while, Tabitha wonders if she should drop her guard and open herself up to a relationship, but to which guy? If she takes too long to make a decision, will he still be there waiting?

It’s a fun, multicultural romance that invites you to peek behind the curtain of psychology internship, sometimes cringe at but mostly applaud the journey of self-discovery, and follow the path to boundless love.


Brief excerpt


Mark was definitely impressed by my cooking and wondered why I’d been holding out on him. 

I gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Keeps the intrigue alive,” I said with a wink. To be honest, we were just “hanging out” and not dating exclusively so I didn’t feel the need to reveal all my talents at once.

“More where those came from?” he asked hopefully.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I chuckled smacking his butt.

“Very noncommittal,” he smiled, grabbing me by the waist and flinging me towards him.

“You know me,” I said teasing.

“I do know you,” he agreed. He kissed me sweetly. 

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Testimonials about Stoically Yours:

 "The writing is beautiful and filled with fun dialogues and descriptive passages." - Readers' Favorite 

 "Brilliant, exceptionally well-crafted and written with love. I loved this book!" - Readers' Favorite  

"The characters in this story are three dimensional." - Readers' Favorite

 "Great book from a newcomer!" - Amazon reviewer

"The characters in this story are three dimensional." - Readers' Favorite