What I Believe:

Smart women, gentle alpha males, and multicultural romance are not oxymorons. I like writing about characters who are flawed but redeemable, professional women who are strong but vulnerable, and capable men who aren't intimidated to show their tender side. I love music, all things pop culture, and cake! I live in Small town USA with my very own gentle alpha husband and our little one. 

My Work

I started writing stories for kicks and giggles in middle school and wrote many years just for fun. Then I took a long hiatus during the hustle and bustle of graduate school and many years thereafter. I'm finally back at it and excited about introducing interesting characters with multicultural and social themes.

My Community

I'm slowly building in this area and am looking forward to sharing with others. Stay tuned!

Join My Journey

I've finally uploaded a recent completed story on Amazon and am in the middle of editing the next one for consumption. Find me on Amazon or Goodreads!